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Nominations for 2022 are Now Closed

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Each year, b Authentic inc celebrates National Authenticity Day by combing the desert (ok, mostly the Internet through great people like you) to find, celebrate, and promote the most authentic people out there in the workplace. 

You see, our mission is to radically change the working world. We believe that people are largely burnt-out, let-down, and fed-up with the fake corporate BS. We believe that the “talent war” in the next century is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen, and that the culture of a company will be everything. It will be those companies that practice authentic leadership and promote an authentic culture that will come out as the clear winners. 

Thank you for taking the time to help us find and celebrate these people. By doing so, you are now part of the authenticity flywheel and movement!

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Authentic Human Award

The Authentic Human Award is designed to recognize a workplace colleague, partner, or customer that demonstrates authenticity in all they do. They aren’t simply authentic for themselves, they inspire others to “Just Say No” (thanks, Nancy Reagan) to the BS at work - the politics, the executive presence, the buzzwords - and instead continually keep things fresh, humble, and real.

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Authetic Human Award
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Authentic Leader Award

The Authentic Leader Award is designed to recognize a leader who personifies “authentic leader” in all they do. This leader isn’t afraid to push back on the “norm”, get their hands dirty when needed, and ultimately lead by example. They inspire others - up, across, and down - to put away their corporate costumes and spend less time impressing and more time connecting. Ultimately, they continuously expose who they are, often when you least expect them to do so.

Authentic Leader Award

"Authenticity isn't simply a way of being. Being authentic is the most powerful strategy you can deploy to connect with others, create trust, stand out, and have the success and life you deserve."

-Erin Hatzikostas, Founder of b Authentic inc.

Rising Authentic Company Award (<100 Employees) 

The Rising Authentic Company Award is designed to recognize a growing “start-up” company that is building its foundation on a culture of authenticity.  This company inspires other companies to re-write the standard corporate playbook and spends just as much time (if not more) focusing on how it will innovate internally as it does externally with its products and services.

Their culture encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. They have fought the tailwinds of “white male” start-up culture and employ a diverse workforce, continually implementing new, non-check-the-box initiatives to grow their company with diversity and authenticity as a central pillar of their strategy.

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Rising Authentic Company Award
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Authentic Company 

Award (100+ Employees)

The Authentic Company Award is designed to recognize a company that stands out - both externally and internally - as a leader in authenticity. Their culture encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work. They are a leader in employing a diverse workforce and continually implement new, non-check-the-box initiatives to get better every year. 

This company fosters a culture where “BS work” is limited, instead focusing on an environment that rewards creativity and results over committee meetings and PowerPoints. People want to join the company because of their authentic reputation. Lastly, this is a company that is “the same in every room”, i.e. they present themselves externally in the same light as they act internally.

Authentic Company Award
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