I believe that everyone on this earth can reach their highest, truest selves. Sadly, most don't. My one-on-one coaching can make sure that you do.

My Coaching Promise


I am a people lover, through and through. I get much of my energy from others. I soak in that energy and give it back tenfold. I love nothing more than connecting people to the information, people and things they need to soar.

When I coach one-on-one, I have a singular focus. I am fully committed to supporting, pushing and inspiring you to get to places you never thought possible.

My Coaching Philosophy

I am not a certified as a coach. There are many coaches that are, and if that’s important to you then I want to be up-front about this.

Instead, my “certification” comes from the 22 years I spent in the corporate world, plus the time and discovery I’ve gone through myself, transitioning to work in my life’s purpose – leading b Authentic inc. Much like many sports coaches, my value comes from a combination of my vast experience and my insatiable energy.

I believe strongly that every person on this earth has an opportunity to reach their highest, truest self. Sadly, most do not. I will work with you to find yours by asking thoughtful questions that allow you to draw out things you never saw (or wanted to see), while also sprinkling in practical, no-BS advice that will help guide and inspire you with my knowledge, insights and lessons learned.


What I Ask Of You

Our time together can - and likely will be - transformational. In order to reach our highest selves, I ask the following from you:

  • Bring an open mind. Our sessions will be most effective if you are willing to let your mind wander, semi-aimlessly, in a way you likely don’t let it in your everyday life.

  • Be vulnerable. I know, this can be a tough one. This doesn’t mean you have to break down in tears. This simply means that the more willing you are to open up about things that may feel a bit uncomfortable, the further you will go. As Brene Brown once said, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.”

  • Use me. I am here to be your coach, and I am also here to be your partner, your sounding board and your resource in any way you need it most.

  • Challenge and inspire me…too. Look, I don’t know everything. I may push you to think in a way that ultimately isn’t right for you. Or you may have heard and learned great things that I haven’t yet grasped. The optimal coaching session will be reciprocal in many ways.

The Coaching Process

Coaching sessions include 90 minute calls (or in-person, if possible) that occur every two weeks. This allows us to have a solid amount of time to slow down, talk, think, pause and experience breakthroughs. In between our formal sessions, I am available via email and text anytime. Often times, I also might send you a podcast, article or movie that I recommend based on our discussions.

Session Options

Option 1: 3 months, which includes 7 coaching sessions plus unlimited email and text. Cost = $12,000.

Option 2: 6 months, which includes 14 coaching sessions plus unlimited email and text. Cost = $22,000.


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