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Your Challenge


You are crushing it. You've built and grown your business faster and more successfully than you ever imagined. You're actually now running a bona fide company. Who would have ever thought little old you could do that?! But at the same time, you have been thinking a lot lately - what got you to this point, is likely not going to get your company to the next level.

You've read hundreds of leadership books. You have incredible mentors. You attend as many leadership conferences as you can. But let's be honest, you barely have time to get to the dentist, let alone time for personal development. The road ahead is...well...really frickin' daunting.

The Good News

It doesn't take monumental work and change to take your leadership from good to extraordinary. I believe strongly in the power of making the smallest of adjustments that can make a monumental difference in your leadership and quickly thereafter, your business results.

What you need is a leadership "partner-in-crime". Someone that can help you identify your superpowers, and then work with you to make small adjustments to exploit those in the service of others - your team, your customers, and your investors.


How Do I Know Anything About Anything?

I was you. Well, not you exactly you of course. But in 2016 I was tapped to be the CEO of a company that had approx. 1,000 employees, $2bn assets under management, and bringing in revenue well in the 9-digits.

But the company was struggling. Big time. Coming off of several years of operational issues and flat year-over-year earnings, many people were questioning the company and its future.

In just under three years leading the company, I was able to lead a massive turnaround, tripling earnings over those three years (yes, 300% growth!)  At the same time, and not coincidentally, our employee engagement scores across all indices skyrocketed.

So What's the Playbook Then?!

This is of course the "wah, wah, wah" part. There is no cookie cutter playbook. But being the glass half full kinda gal I am, the GREAT news is that the secret sauce is...authenticity. Yep, it's so simple that some people may just "x"  right out of here.

But for those of you that stayed, I am dead serious when I tell you that creating more of who you are - exploiting your unique, authentic self - will make you zoom past so many other leaders out there. Why? People - employees, customers, and yes, investors too - are yearning for a leader that is real, humble, charismatic, and most importantly, that can stick out from the pack. 

I am here to make sure you stick out from the pack.

Why Me?

There are thousands of "Executive Coaches" out there. They all likely have more formal coaching training, HR experience, and nicer offices (I'm still working on that). But they don't have my unique superpower - actual experience leading a company that probably "looks" a lot like yours (+ they also likely don't have my non-patented but highly effective, no-BS approach).

Said another way, if you're looking for a coach that will take a methodical approach to your coaching, I'm just not your person. But if you're looking for someone that will give you real, practical, and super simple adjustments that will make you the positive talk of water coolers everywhere, then I cannot wait to work with you.

How Does Your Coaching Work?

Coaching sessions include 90-minute calls (or in-person, if possible) that occur every two weeks. This allows us to have a solid amount of time to slow down, talk, think, pause and experience breakthroughs. In between our formal sessions, I am available via email and text anytime. Often times, I also might send you a podcast, article or movie that I recommend based on our discussions.

What I Ask Of You

Our time together can - and likely will be - transformational. In order to reach our highest selves, I ask the following from you:

  • Bring an open mind. Our sessions will be most effective if you are willing to let your mind wander, semi-aimlessly, in a way you likely don’t let it in your everyday life.

  • Be vulnerable. I know, this can be a tough one. This doesn’t mean you have to break down in tears. This simply means that the more willing you are to open up about things that may feel a bit uncomfortable, the further you will go. As Brene Brown once said, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.”

  • Use me. I am here to be your coach, and I am also here to be your partner, your sounding board and your resource in any way you need it most.

  • Challenge and inspire me…too. Look, I don’t know everything. I may push you to think in a way that ultimately isn’t right for you. Or you may have heard and learned great things that I haven’t yet grasped. The optimal coaching session will be reciprocal in many ways.

I Really Want You As My Sidekick - What Are My Options?

Option 1: 3 months, which includes 7 coaching sessions plus unlimited email and text. Cost = $12,000.

Option 2: 6 months, which includes 14 coaching sessions plus unlimited email and text. Cost = $22,000.


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