Company Programs

In this crazy, hectic business world, it is getting harder and harder to slow down and focus on what truly matters most -- your people. 

We can help you do just that.  

Nurturing Growth



Most of us believe that "Culture eats strategy..." for every meal.  So why is it so incredibly hard to actually focus, shape, and change culture?  (hint: it's elusive in a world where we're used to dealing with more tangible things). 


Erin can help you with practical steps that will yield life changing results.

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Are you struggling with your pipeline of talent that is ready to make the leap to an executive-level role?  Do you have executives that are strong business people but they just don't have what it takes to be inspiring, transformational leaders?


Erin will help take your best people

to new heights. 

Confetti Party



Presentations are boring.  Storytelling instead leaves you with your hands and heart in the air, fist-bumping your wants and dreams, saying "Ok, let's do this!" 

Themes include: 

~Women and Leadership~

~Workplace Culture~


Erin would love to inspire, entertain and invoke new thinking in your team!