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We teach people and companies how to use authenticity as their secret weapon to success.




Do you feel like you’re about to implode at work right about now? Like, if you lose one more employee, get one more financial challenge, or receive one more customer nasty-gram, you just might lose it?

Basically, is this what you look like around 5pm every day?

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We use a non-patented, goldfish cracker
(bite-sized, addictive and a little bit cheesy)
approach to career & leadership development.




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The workplace is HARD right now. People are burnt-out, fed-up, and let-down by their leaders and companies.

And if you’re like most people, you’re both a leader that controls all of this...and you’re also a human, just trying to have a meaningful and impactful career, without compromising everything else (and/or losing your frickin’ mind!).


If you feel like you’re treading water, a punching bag, and/or sacrificing it all simply to MEET expectations, then know we are here to save the day. 


There is a different way.
We can show you that way.


“People respect authority, but they follow authenticity.”
~Erin Hatzikostas, Founder & CEO

We help you take authenticity from what feels like a fluffy, seemingly self-fulfilling prophecy to something that is actionable and .... not actually about you. It’s about the connections you create, the trust you cultivate, and the results you catalyze.

(Oh, and then positive results come right back to there’s that too.)


Watching a freight train, with amazing people like you on it, head into a brick wall is no fun. Especially when you know there’s a better way.


When you have proof that just ONE strategy can change the entire game - for you and your company - you have to get off your duff and spread the word. After our Founder, Erin Hatzikostas, realized that her purposeful authenticity was behind all her success, she set out to help others have the same success.

Our Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity (H.U.M.A.N.S) grounds everything

we believe in, preach, and coach.

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Imagine a world where you no longer feel like you’re constantly treading water?

A world where you are getting noticed, gaining followers, standing out, and achieving the seemingly impossible goals you’ve been given, without having to “grind it out.”


This is exactly what we’ll help you do.


Whether you’re simply looking to give your career a boost and land a seat at the table or you’re a leader that’s looking for a new strategy to energize and inspire your team, gain and retain talent, and meet and exceed your financial goals - we will teach you how to use authenticity as your new secret weapon to success.


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"I was responsible for leading a large sales and service team in a very large $20 Billion dollar company. I was looking for someone to help us in changing the culture and creating an organization where everyone felt empowered to speak up and create transformation. Erin brought the passion and let everyone ok that it was ok to be your authentic self and the message really resonated. If your looking for some to create lasting change to your company and empower them for growth and transformation, I would recommend hiring Erin."

—  Jeff B.

—  Jen D.

More Testimonials

—  Name, Title


We use a non-patented, Goldfish cracker approach to career and leadership development -- bite-sized, addictive and a little bit cheesy.

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Career Coaching

1-on-1 coaching
for people that want a seat at the big table, while also designing a life of balance and impact for the long haul.

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Corporate Programs

Talent development programs that help you modernize your culture and sur-thrive this nuclear talent war. We offer authentic leadership workshops and culture-shifting programs that will have your employee engagement, culture, and profits soaring in no time.

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CEO Coach-sulting

Being the top dog is exciting...and it can be lonely. Erin works with CEOs of start-up to mid-sized healthcare companies to launch their leadership to the next level while also launching their business to infinity and beyond!

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—  Jason B.

You Do You(ish) :

Unleash Your Authentic Superpowers to Get the Career You Deserve

You Do You(ish), is the perfect place to start if you feel like you’re feeling a bit like burnt toast in your career and want inspiration and tangible steps to get the career you deserve, without compromising everything else. (Oh, and you’re into snarky humor too.)


“I’m not bullshitting you. I loved every page. I’ve hated almost every book I’ve picked up in the last few years because it’s all the same sh!t. Executive presence (barf) nonsense that makes everyone think they have to fit a mold. I can’t wait to use the book in some of my mentoring. I needed You Do You(ish) more than I knew.”


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Erin Hatzikostas is a former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer. 

Erin is the best-selling author of You Do You(ish), a TEDx and keynote speaker, coach-sultant, and the co-host of an offbeat career and leadership podcast, b Cause with Erin & Nicole.


Erin's talks have reached hundreds of thousands of people and her thought leadership has been featured on ABC, CBS and published in Business Insider, Fast Company, Well+Good, among several others. 

Erin spent her career “first half” working in the corporate world, where at the age of 42, she became the CEO of a large healthcare financial institution. In just three years, she took a struggling company and turned it around, tripling earnings and sending employee engagement skyrocketing. Her secret? Radical authenticity.

Erin holds a BBA in Statistics from Western Michigan University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Connecticut. She is married to her husband, Manny, who she met while stumbling through (and failing) an early career in the Actuarial field. Erin and Manny have two highly authentic children - Ella (13) and Mick (10). In Erin's free time you can find her coaching basketball, running, skiing, drinking wine in her fat pants, or dancing wherever you're not supposed to dance.


Are you impatient and want action steps, stat? 

Download our FREE Authenticity Playbook:
10 simple “plays” to stop selling out and start standing out.

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