b YOU.


Are you feeling like you can be and do more?  Do feel like you largely go unnoticed? 

Are you simply wondering what things should you be doing to define your next move?  

We can help you pave a clearer path to success.

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  • b YOU Club

    Every month
    An inspiration platform and community
    • Access to our community platform
    • Guidance from the b Authentic inc team
    • Advice, inspiration and networking within your group
  • b YOU Text Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for someone that wants a bit more "me" time
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3-4 texts per week
    • Curated podcast episodes, movies, quotes and more
  • b YOU 1x1 Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for those that want to make a major change
    Valid for 6 months
    • An introductory 90-min phone call
    • Bi-weekly, 90-min coaching sessions
    • Unlimited access via email and texting
    • Cancel after the first session, no questions