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Our Latest Episode:
b cause Work Doesn't Have To Suck (3)-mi
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A podcast for GenX(ish) leaders who should be at the top of their careers but don't feel like they are.

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A one-minute overview and look at the co-hosts of b Cause. Will it clarify what it's all about?  Eh, probably not, but give it a spin anyway (L-Nicole, R-Erin)

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The b Cause Work Doesn’t Have to Suck podcast isn’t another boring, stuffy leadership podcast. And it doesn’t bring you a gazillion guests who had the guts to “ef” the 9-5, seemingly the only answer to truly being happy in your career.


Instead, this podcast is focused on helping you continue to rise in your career, but doing it without compromising everything else - your family, your health, or maybe even who you are.


Erin, a former corporate CEO turned Authentic Leadership expert, teams up with her good friend, Nicole, an ivy league grad and professional do-gooder. Nicole lays it all on the line to share her real-time work highs, lows, contemplations, and sometimes barely believable stories. And Erin coaches and cajoles her (really, you) along the way...all in the name of helping you feel less insane, more inspired.

Erin also interviews authentic leaders and experts who are focused on giving you the stories, advice, and tips that will have you making small, creative changes that will help you contend with and catapult your career.

Grab a drink, put your feet up, and come along for a journey that will involve career advice, unsanitized thoughts, leadership lessons, important guests, and who the hell knows what else. b Cause work doesn't have to suck.


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