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b Authentic Inc's 1st Quarter Review

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

An unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at b Authentic inc's first quarter of life.

Since we don't have a board or really anyone to answer to...yet, I thought it was a good opportunity to present a fun version of a 1st quarter review. It's light on details and numbers, heavy on fun and inspiration.

It all started with buying a really good pair of "retirement" shoes.

Then I found someone to keep me fired up and accountable. Megan is one of my friends that has her own business as well. Most of our time is spent over coffee planning out our weeks, but we also add in some shenanigans from time to time.

"Sure, I'll record an opening video. I got this."

Me after about 16 takes from a semi-script. Threw it out and instead was just authentic (duh) and called it a wrap.

I realized that I HAD to do a podcast with my insanely smart, funny and crazy friend, Nicole. I surprised her with a pop-interview for our first episode. She sounded so smart...but a tiny bit stuffy.

So we added wine into our recording sessions. Much better.

One thing you hear about entrepreneurs is that they have to work all the time. Nope, they WANT to work all the time. Even when they're getting a small touch up to their natural do. ;-)