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Career and executive coaching...

without the shoulder pads, martyrdom, and zzzzzzz.

Let's be honest, there are a whole lotta coaches out there. Career coaches, executive coaches, life coaches. People often wonder - how do I choose the right one?


It's simple: who are you most drawn to? How do you figure that out? You stalk them. Peruse their website, videos, social media, and then set up a call to do a trial run. 

We can't tell you we're right for you. All we can tell you is how we roll and then hope you want to roll with us.

Said another way: we help people and companies use authenticity as their new secret weapon to success!

It's like if you were to ask Erin to mentor you and she said, "Absolutely, let's get together 17 times for 10-15 minutes and I'll share all my top tips and secrets with a few actions each time for you to take." But all done through authentic videos, at your own pace, and w/o annoying Zoom calls.

This is for you if you wonder:

  • How do I get noticed and promoted?

  • What do I need to do to get a "seat at the table"?

  • How do I balance rising in my career without compromising everything else?

Career Coaching

One-on-One Private Coaching

Mentors are great, but sometimes you need more. Your goals and challenges suddenly become big and gnarly, all at once. That's when you want to invest in yourself (like you would your business) to work with you who is 100% focused on helping you get where you deserve to be. 

This is for you if you wonder:

  • What do I need to do to take myself/my company to the next level?

  • I know I want something more, but how do I start pursuing it, and more importantly, stay with it?

  • How do I find my passion and make a pivot in my career?



Jennifer Noyes 

General Manager,
Mexico at Church & Dwight Co., Inc


"Deciding to work with Erin has been one of the greatest investments I have made for myself personally. On our very last session, I literally closed a new and amazing opportunity as Country Manager for a fantastic company that very much aligned with my values and personality. It was magic, weird, and unexplainable....Erin´s guidance, connection and positivity have been just what my soul needed this year, and I am so grateful to work with her!”



Hilarie Aitken

CEO, Navia Benefit Solutions


"I saw Erin speak at a conference. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a CEO coach, but felt drawn to connect with her. After a few conversations, I decided to give this whole CEO coaching thing a try. The biggest perk of working with Erin is that she slows me down, challenges how I’m looking at things, and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. She has a unique ability to talk strategy and business while keeping the foundational aspects of authentic leadership at the forefront. I’ve become a better leader, better businesswoman and a better person. I highly recommend working with Erin!"



 Brent Ho-Young

CEO, Dream Payments




"I'll be honest, as soon as we learned she had launched her own firm, we immediately recruited her to work with us. She knows how to uniquely position a business to its customers and investors. Erin is a master at ensuring you're thinking about both the big picture as well as the small and critical details as you build your business. She also brings an incredible energy to everything she does."

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