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Leadership and culture training, without the shoulder pads, martyrdom,

and zzzzzzz.

Companies want to be modern, but modern doesn't start with your products; it starts with your people.


Grounded in our proprietary framework, The Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity, we help people and companies take tangible, practical, and powerful steps forward to create massive (and often, nearly immediate) success! 

Said another way: we help people and companies use authenticity as their new secret weapon to success!

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Career Coaching

1-on-1 coaching for people that want a seat at the big table, while also designing a life of balance and impact for the long haul.



Jennifer Noyes 

General Manager,
Mexico at Church & Dwight Co., Inc


"Deciding to work with Erin has been one of the greatest investments I have made for myself personally. On our very last session, I literally closed a new and amazing opportunity as Country Manager for a fantastic company that very much aligned with my values and personality. It was magic, weird, and unexplainable....Erin´s guidance, connection and positivity have been just what my soul needed this year, and I am so grateful to work with her!”

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Corporate Programs

Talent development programs that help you modernize your culture and sur-thrive this nuclear talent war. We offer authentic leadership workshops and culture-shifting programs that will have your employee engagement, culture, and profits soaring in no time.



Emily DePina

Women’s CRG Co-Chair, CVS Health



“We hired Erin to speak to over 10,000 colleagues across our company's colleague resource groups. She generated so much excitement across our community and gave the group immediate, tangible action items to help them achieve success in their careers and for our company. I highly recommend Erin for anyone that's looking for a dynamic, engaging, and easy-to-work with speaker or consultant!

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CEO Coach-sulting

Being the top dog is exciting...and it can be lonely. Erin works with CEOs of start-up to mid-sized healthcare companies to launch their leadership to the next level while also launching their business to infinity and beyond!



 Brent Ho-Young

CEO, Dream Payments




"I'll be honest, as soon as we learned she had launched her own firm, we immediately recruited her to work with us. She knows how to uniquely position a business to its customers and investors. Erin is a master at ensuring you're thinking about both the big picture as well as the small and critical details as you build your business. She also brings an incredible energy to everything she does."