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The 50% Rule

Discover the power of half.


In The 50% Rule, award-winning author and former CEO Erin Hatzikostas unveils the creative shortcut that has helped her and so many others go from underdog status to unmatched success in career and daily life. The 50% Rule is a simple compromise: Do things half-normal, half-you—and work half as hard—for amazing results that are grounded in your authentic strengths.


In a guide that weaves together actionable advice, compelling research, and dynamic storytelling (and a sprinkle of salty language), you’ll learn how to stop 100%-ing your problems and start approaching them with the ease of 50%.

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You Do You(ish)

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Named Best Business Career Book of 2023 by American Book Fest and Winner of a 2023 PenCraft Book Award for Literary Excellence!

You Do You(ish) hurls aside the crusty, decades-old career advice you’ve likely heard for way too long: lean in, executive presence, network, blah, blah, blah. Instead, this book will help you see that there's a better way to have success and get great results. An approach that will produce a massive win-win: you succeed, you don’t sell out.

You Do You(ish) will take you on a roller-coaster ride that will have you go deep, say “aha”, and possibly tinkle a little while laughing, sometimes all in the same sentence. The book is whimsical and inspiring, yet also grounded in Erin’s proprietary H.U.M.A.N.S. framework - Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity.

Authenticity Playbook

Stop selling out and start standing out!

We understand that using authenticity as a secret weapon might sound like fluffy unicorn doo-doo, leaving you wondering, "What do I actually do differently tomorrow without looking stupid or getting fired?" This is exactly why we put together the Authenticity Playbook for you. It gives you ten plays, or thought starters, that are simple, actionable steps to help you elevate your career in leadership.

Download your own FREE digital playbook with 10 authentic actions to take now to immediately ignite your career.

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