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The Impact of Authenticity in the Workplace

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Authenticity isn’t fluffy unicorn doo-doo.

Authenticity is something you can purposefully, strategically, and systematically do to attract and retain talent, negotiate with business partners, gain attention and buy-in from others, build immediate trust, and ultimately, achieve incredible results.

Authenticity in the workplace is more important now than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic rushed in “accidental” authenticity and a lingering desire to keep it going. However, we know that this accidental authenticity surely hasn’t solved our workplace challenges. Arguably, the workplace is in worse shape than ever, as can be seen with the recent “Great Resignation.”


It's time to stop talking about “The Great Resignation” (and all the other catchy derivate names that underscore the problem) and time to start talking about “The New Deal” for this “Great Resignation.”


That is, it’s time to talk about solutions. The results of this authenticity research suggests that the solution to employee retention, and so much more, is authenticity.

Study Highlights

Worker's Crave Authenticity

Nearly all employed Americans (90%) believe that authenticity is important now more than ever. 

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There's a Corporate
Culture Disconnect

While almost half of employees report that authenticity is listed in their company's corporate values, only 16% report it's something always practiced in their company's culture.

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Authentic Workers Are Better Off

Employees directly link being authentic to their career development: 30% link to a promotion or pay raise, 35% to improved results, and 45% to greater job security.

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Authenticity Creates Trust

People at authentic companies are 4x more likely to say there's a high level of trust.

People Follow Authenticity

Employees under authentic leadership are 6x more likely to follow them if they went elsewhere.

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Authenticity Retains Employees

People at companies where authenticity is always practiced are over 2x more likely to stay at their company vs. those where it's never practiced.

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