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"She's an up-and-coming Mel Robbins."
~Gina Davilla, Founder of The Keynote Shop


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Erin Hatzikostas is a former Fortune 50 executive and CEO who, quite literally, wrote the business case on authentic leadership. Erin is an internationally recognized expert on authenticity in the workplace. A highly-sought after speaker and edutainer, she's the CEO & Founder of b Authentic inc, , a Bestselling Author, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Podcast Co-host, and Business Coach.

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Erin is the living, breathing business case for authentic leadership.

Erin spent her career “first half” working at a Fortune 50 company, where at the age of 42, she became the CEO of their $2bn AUM subsidiary company, PayFlex. In just 3 years, she tripled earnings and sent employee engagement skyrocketing.

And just when things were going great, she decided to walk away so that she could help solve what truly breaks her heart: the immense lack of authenticity in the workplace.


Through her company, b Authentic inc, Erin is provoking a movement to eradicate the all-too-fake Corporate environment and helping people and companies realize that doing authentic can be their new secret weapon to success.



How to Make Authenticity Your New Secret Strategic Advantage

Why is it that despite the proof that companies with engaged and diverse workforces perform exponentially better, that we can’t seem to truly crack these nuts?" Erin will inspire you with a clear business case for authenticity and its power to be the difference maker.

In this highly…authentic talk, Erin will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and inspiration that will prove out the business case for authenticity in the workplace. She’ll also help you understand the pillars of her proprietary HUMANS Framework so that you too can take your badass self (including your flaws and all that junk too) to lead yourself and others with authenticity. 

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Things you'll learn: 

Understand the proven impact that authenticity can have on companies and their results.

Learn a simple framework for unleashing authenticity in your workplace.

Be empowered that authentic leadership can come from the top down AND the bottom up.

Gain a foundation for the simplest changes to make in order to inspire an authentic culture.

Have a stitch in your side from laughing!


Once Upon a Sale: How to Use the Power of Authenticity as Your New Sales Playbook

My Uncle Bob tells the story time and time again of his greatest coaching moment. Long story short, unlike any other dad out there, he coached my 3 year-old cousin to keep running until he got to trees way in the distance. And not that Easter egg hunts have winners, but…Matthew won.

All of us are in one big Easter egg hunt. Or race to capture the attention, trust and wallets of companies and consumers. Sadly, many companies (and their marketing, product, sales, everything teams) are missing out on the single most powerful sales tool – storytelling.

In this talk, I will persuade you to obsess over using stories in everything you do. She’ll highlight research, case studies and…well…likely tell lots of stories!

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Things you'll learn: 

Understand the neuroscience behind why storytelling is so powerful.


Learn about other companies’ turnarounds and success after embracing storytelling.

Be able to understand the most important building blocks for a real and effective story.

The numerous places where you can infuse storytelling (and no, it’s not just in a sales meeting)

Start building your own story “library.”


Women, Don't Leave the Job.

Instead, Change the Job.

There's no doubt we still have a ginormous gender gap at the top of the leadership ladder. However, we often ignore the biggest issue: women aren't being held down, they're opting down. 

In this talk, Erin won't encourage you to lean in, but rather to lean in a totally different way. She'll bust down the "Sucky Songs" women often sing to themselves and inspire you to rewrite them by using authenticity as your new secret weapon for success. 

Using her framework, "The Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity (H.U.M.A.N.S.)", Erin will show you how authenticity isn't some fluffy unicorn doo-doo, but rather an actionable strategy you can enact immediately. Her talk will inspire you to change the job - and the entire game - so you can stay-in and opt-up, without selling out!

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Things you'll learn: 

Understand the common "Sucky Songs" that often hold people, especially women, back from rising in their career.

Realize that authenticity is more than a permission, it’s a power.

Begin to start seeing authenticity as an active strategy that you can use to increase connections, trust, and intrigue.

Learn a practical framework (H.U.M.A.N.S) you can use to put authenticity into motion immediately.

Activate your own “Authenticity Playbook” with some simple starter “plays.”

Participant Survey

 "If your organization has not had the pleasure of hearing Erin's message you’re losing out."

“Bright, funny, energetic, engaging. Erin truly has the ability to capture her audience, keep their attention, and drive home a very important message. If your organization has not had the pleasure of hearing Erin's message you’re losing out. I recite clips on a continuous basis of things she said that drove home to me.”


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