To change the working world to a radically more authentic place. 


Give people unique, fun and bite-sized solutions that provide the energy, inspiration and permission they need to rise in their careers, without selling their souls. 

"I hate dancing where I'm supposed to dance. 

I love to dance where I'm not supposed to."

Erin Hatzikostas,

b Authentic inc Founder 

Hi, I’m Erin

and I’m proud to be the Founder & CEO of b Authentic inc

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Erin's Story


Erin Hatzikostas is the friend, mom, coach, guru and boss you always wanted, all rolled into one. Erin became a corporate CEO at the age of 42 -- yet she smashes open the executive mold.  She is most regarded for her Midwestern-inspired, unpretentious, witty, and authentic style of leadership. She is a career coach, speaker (TEDx 2020!), podcast co-host, soon-to-be-author, MBA, runner, wife, mom of two, and someone who is not afraid to dance in public.  ​

In the Fall of 2018, she decided to leave what was arguably a dream job. After over 20 years in the corporate world, she had bobbed and weaved her way into a coveted CEO position (yes, they’re not all named John or Dave) of a large healthcare financial company, where she had the honor of leading over 1,000 people who managed over $2bn in financial assets.


After leading a storybook turnaround - tripling earnings in the same number of years and sending employee culture and engagement scores soaring - she decided to walk away from it all.


Why? She realized she had a superpower; an ability to energize, guide and inspire the living daylights out of people. 


When Erin announced she was leaving her corporate world - with a limited vision of what she was going to do next - the overwhelming feedback was that they would greatly miss the inspiration that they got from her authentic leadership.  


It was the common thread from nearly everyone she worked with. She thought, “Could it really be that simple?” Yet, she also knew it was rare. She realized that her own “secret sauce” was leading people in a way that raises the bar and doing it in a way that is unique and rare.

Erin is now an internationally-recognized thought leader on authenticity in the workplace. She's an author, TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Podcast Co-Host, and Career Coach. She has spoken to thousands of people, is a regular contributor to Business Insider, and "edutains" people every week via the podcast, b Cause with Erin & Nicole.


Erin does nothing normal. And that is exactly what to expect from b Authentic inc. Programs, resources, and solutions to help you tackle conventional problems in your career but in very unconventional ways.

Click here to see Erin spread the authenticity love on stage. 

Erin in the Media


We have the know-how you need.


Nicole's Story

If Nicole Licata Grant were a celebrity mash-up, she would be the progeny of Dolly Parton, Betty White and Cher: a little trashy, a little classy, oddly entertaining and curiously enigmatic...while harboring a deep passion for do-gooding and big hair.


Other than growing up in urban New Haven, Conn. in the 1990s, attending Yale while poor, divorce, being arrested overseas, working in warzones and having once been fired from a “dream job” (that term is a lie, by the way) she has not survived any major life traumas from which anyone might find inspiration. 


Nicole has however spent much of her 20-plus-year career in the service of others. She served as an Economist with the federal government and as a humanitarian aid worker and international development professional with several organizations such as Save the Children. In short, Nicole has had the privilege of spending a good amount of time in places with bad beaches and conflict and loved every minute of it.

Hey there,

I’m Nicole,

Co-host of the b CAUSE podcast 

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Nicole's "adult job" now has her in charge of giving away money for a living. She is currently the Executive Director (a.k.a cruise-ship director for good) of a national corporate foundation. Nicole is always making lemoncello out of lemons, including her decision to keep her surname “Grant” post divorce, as a powerful subliminal message to fuel her work in the world of “corporate social responsibility”. And "Licata" has never left her; she will never lose her Italian/Sicilian-American roots for all its flair and badassery,

Nicole is truly passionate about many causes. She spends a lot of time wrestling with issues like the housing crisis in America, reducing barriers to class mobility and finding ways to elevate important and often unheard voices and stories (hello b CAUSE podcast!) It's not all fluff and unicorns though, she also loves “working behind the scenes”...she is weirdly obsessed with things like process efficiency, detailed spreadsheets, writing too-long emails with great passion, filling up whiteboards and trying to solve seemingly impossible problems with very few resources. She also loves writing, storytelling, making irreverent observations and is a complete “work in progress” herself.


And now, she adds the b CAUSE podcast to her virtuous journey. As convicted to the cause of making the world more authentic as she is about saving the whales, she is thrilled to sit alongside Erin and hop, skip, sing and trip her way through this podcast venture, all in the name of inspiring others to be themselves while pushing their careers, and lives, to the limit. Though admittedly, her most important personal mission is to be a militant ambassador for New Haven-style pizza (P.S.A: the fresh tomato pie at the Original Pepe’s is #1).


When not solving global crisis or hosting a podcast, she enjoys not running, not doing yoga and not being mindful, while wearing a bedazzled tracksuit, sporting insensible shoes, hanging out with herself and trying to avoid getting poison ivy from the urban jungle in her backyard. Nicole is married to no one and is not a mother to anything besides a century-old cactus. Generally speaking, Nicole prides herself for being true to her passions, dreaming big and staying gainfully-employed while refusing to get an adult haircut. 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

Marilyn Monroe


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