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Deep thoughts from

Mick and Ella

(Erin's children, who are definitely authentic)

ella and mick-min.jpg

"To be kind to others, to help others, and to be ready for anything"  


Ella @ 9 years old

writing her definition of a leader on her Student Council application.

"And I'd save a little money in case I had an unexpected medical emergency "


Ella , 7 years old

describing the fifth and final thing she'd spend her money on if she won a million dollars.

"It's like Lunchables, only healthier"  


Ella @ 8 years old, providing a succinct marketing slogan for a man struggling to sell healthy food packs in the airport to the kid market.

"You know, if you got a daddy and a baby, you could get a bigger house."  

Mick @ 4 years old,

advising my single friend how to maximize her dwelling.

"You just need an Office Ninja and you'll go from having $0 to having $10bn."


Mick @ 7 years old,

advising me on how to increase revenue at the company I was running.

"Words I don't know that you said."  


Ella @ 10 years old, making a list of about 40 words she heard my work team say during a discussion, which clearly were "jargon".

"It's actually good to make mistakes.  If you don't make mistakes then people might think you're not human."


Mick @ 7 years old,

after I burnt the rice I was making for dinner.

"Every knot can be untied."  


Ella @ 10 years old, after writing up other people's inspirational quotes.

"Think of all the expenserer things in life.  Now think of the only thing that is free.  And that is love"


Mick @ 7 years old,

as part of the guided meditation that he often does from my husband and I.

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