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Keeping it Real: The Solution to the Great Resignation

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Great Resignation is a hot topic on LinkedIn and corporate circles. Let's talk about the answers to this unprecedented problem in the post-pandemic workforce.

The Great Resignation. If I hear that slogan even one more time, I might scream.

The Great Resignation (ahhh!!!!!!), dubbed after the 33 million Americans who quit their jobs since the Spring of 2021, continues to be a topic of conversation in many corporate circles.

Many theories abound. "People just don't want to work anymore," and "They just want to milk those unemployment checks" are two of my favorites that show just how far removed some people are from reality (or the status quo in Corporate America today). But a far more likely explanation for the mass exodus has much more to do with low spirits than laziness.

We see "The Great Resignation" speckled into every other LinkedIn article, but where is “The Great Solution” to this problem? There are more job openings than people willing to work them, and it's as if nobody is asking "Why?" or more importantly, "What can we do to fix this?"