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Mini-Series Part 2: Our Journey to Focus on Culture

We took a multi-faceted approach to our culture renovation

We took a multi-faceted approach to our company's culture renovation.

Yesterday, I shared part one of a four-part mini-series detailing our company’s journey to focus on culture. If you missed it, you can read part one here. Today is part two in the mini-series.

After our company decided to embark on a cultural journey, we started first by doing some “discovery” – we talked to other organizations within the broader enterprise. We learned about things they had done. We developed a culture “board of directors” – a multi-level, multi-disciplined, multi-location advisory team.

We even went on a field trip to another company that had done a culture transformation. We then partnered with a leadership consulting team to create a strong foundation for leadership principles that all 100 of our leaders were inspired to adopt.

We didn’t stop there. We held a leadership summit where we then brought together all of our leaders for three days full on bonding, inspiration and growth. The energy was off the charts, and I knew we were well on our way to great things.

And then I thought - we spent a lot of time and money over the last year on culture … how will I know we achieved success and a return on our investment? Would I have to wait years to see it in our business results? Would I at least have to wait a few months until we did our annual employee survey? How would I know it was worth it?

Check back tomorrow for part three in the cultural journey mini-series, which focuses on the results of our endeavors.

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