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What's Your New Year's Addiction?

6 Simple Steps To Avoid Changing Who You Are and Instead, Changing Your Addictions.

It happened for years. Too often I would come home from work, open the refrigerator, then the freezer. I'd sigh and think, "F*ck, I have no idea what to make for dinner."

Sometimes I'd head back out to the grocery store to pull things together. Sometimes I'd call for takeout. Many times I'd throw some frozen chicken nuggets and French fries in the oven and call it a meal.

But for some reason, I just wouldn't make the changes necessary to stop the madness.

Photo credit: Intricate Explorer on Unsplash (i.e. this is NOT me ;-)

I mean, c'mon, I knew what the solution was. I knew that if I simply "meal planned" the previous weekend or earlier in the week, we'd be in much better shape when it came to meal time. I also knew that if I delegated some things to the rest of the family, that would help as well.