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What is a Podcast?

I know that many of you are probably thinking, "I dissed my iPod in 2007 when the smart phone arrivedSo what the heck is a podcast?!  Well, don't let the name fool you.  Podcasts are on demand entertainment, education and inspiration that literally give you time you never had.

Question:  How do you watch a podcast? 

Answer:  YOU DON'T PEOPLE.  They are essentially on-demand audio.


Question:  Where do you listen to them then?

Answer:  Anywhere you want, but most often people listen in their cars, while commuting, running, or when they're pretending to be busy on conference calls (not that any of us ever did that).

Question:  No, like how in the heck to you get these podcasts?

Answer:  You typically access them on your smart phone.  iPhones have a native app called..."Podcasts" (we know, the more obvious things are, the more we miss it).  You can also access it on iTunes.  For Android phones, you can try Google Podcasts, Stitcher or RadioPublic.  You can also stream podcasts from your computer as well.  Many podcasts' websites will provide that as an option.

Question:  Why are you so hot on podcasts?

Answer:  Often times you get less than an hour a day of "free time".  A lot of times, reading that leadership book that sits with dust on your nightstand is last on your list.  Podcasts allow you to fill in time - driving, walking, grocery shopping - and get to learn, be inspired or just laugh.  Erin credits podcasts as one of the top few drivers that gave her the inspiration, confidence and knowledge to set out on a new path and build b Authentic inc!

Question:  Where can I learn more?

Answer:  Check out this link for more details on the ins and outs of podcasting.  



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