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20 Things I Did While Transitioning from Corporate Life to Entrepreneur Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

What it felt like to quit my life and start again.

I found myself inspired to write, just about everywhere ... including at my son's hockey practice.

1. Had coffee at least once a week with both old and new friends.

2. Joined a yoga practice.

3. Included my children in nearly every aspect of my new business. Current impact – they think it’s mildly cool. Long-term impact – immeasurable.

4. Made cookies for my kids when they came home from school.

5. Did my first stint in a co-working space. Hot damn, those places inspire coolness.

6. Recorded my first podcast episode and shot my first video. Inertia busted.

7. Bought Christmas presents in real, 3D stores.

8. Volunteered at my children’s school.

9. Worked late many nights and weekends and in every space I could find in between. And loved every second of it.

10. Got a facial. Thank you PayFlex AM managers for the gift certificate :-)

11. Learned everything from how to form a company to how to build a website. And so many other things in between.

12. Wrapped the “special” Christmas presents well before midnight on Christmas Eve.

13. Got creative with our part-time nanny to find new ways to “co-parent” while collaborating on the business. Two-way, incredible inspiration came as an unintended consequence.

14. Saw the light of day in December.

15. Dropped off presents for friends while they were at work.

16. Wrote blogs at hockey practice, in coffee shops and under the dryer at the salon. I never considered myself a writer. Apparently, a little space (and many opinions) is all it took.

17. Had happy hour with colleagues while still finishing our work.

18. Ran with friends at varying hours in the day. Ran on my own, podcasting it all along the way.

19. Made several introductions between friends and colleagues and am overjoyed at the magic that resulted.

20. Breathed.

Excited for what's to come. Official launch of the new biz is in 2 1/2 weeks.

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