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Who is Erin Hatzikostas?


Erin is the living, breathing business case for authentic leadership.

Erin Hatzikostas is a former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer. 

Erin is an internationally-recognized leader on the impact of authenticity in the workplace and the founder of b Authentic inc, where she’s obsessed with helping people and companies use authenticity as their secret weapon to success.


Erin is the best-selling author of You Do You(ish), a TEDx speaker, coach-sultant, and the co-host of an offbeat career and leadership podcast, b Cause Work Doesn’t Have to Suck


Her talks have reached hundreds of thousands of people and her thought leadership has been featured on ABC, CBS and published in Business Insider, Fast Company, Well+Good, among several others. Her company also recently released a first-of-its-kind, national study on the impact of authenticity in the workplace.


Erin's Keynote Topics

Erin has worked with many large companies, has spoken in front of thousands, and is a regular contributor to Business Insider and other leading industry publications. Erin is a CEO, wife, mother, MBA coach, runner, and someone that loves to dance wherever you aren't supposed to dance.

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Looking for a Party Favor & to Keep the Inspiration Going?

You Do You(ish) Book Cover

Erin's book, You Do You(ish), hurls aside the crusty, decades-old career advice you’ve likely heard for way too long: lean in, executive presence, network, blah, blah, blah. Instead, this book will help you see that there's a better way to have success and get great results. An approach that will produce a massive win-win: you succeed, you don’t sell out.

You Do You(ish) will take you on a roller-coaster ride that will have you go deep, say “aha”, and possibly tinkle a little while laughing, sometimes all in the same sentence. The book is whimsical and inspiring, yet also grounded in Erin’s proprietary H.U.M.A.N.S. framework - Six Principles of Strategic Authenticity.

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